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AdBlockers got you down? Tired of lost revenue?

CoinImp Integration will allow you to earn Cryptocurrency (XMR) (Monero) for using some of your users resources. Currently CoinImp is the only Java Miner that AdBlockers can not detect. If the internet wants to cheat the system with AdBlockers. We will cheat them right back.

CPU Usage
Post Only On/Off

Install the plugin

Register on and get your wallet code for payout. Set up your Wallet.

Input your ID in the AdminCP

To get your ID Register on CoinImp.

Then click Get Code on the Dashboard below "Pending Balance".
Example: e86d72c656ae7ac84b564e92684947d2b0e5aca21c32389378fde3ad622f7373

Donate Version Features
Mining Notification On/Off
Usergroup Permissions
Guest Only On/Off
All Future Updates!

Check out my Products & Services page to learn more.
Download: Fshare - tuoitreit.vn_product-coinimpintegration.xml

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