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What is this mod all about?
Large board normally prefer to host images externally. That's why we wrote this plugin to add an upload function with a image hosting. All it does is add a upload button on the top right of the editor, when you click it you'll get a popup to upload photos. After you uploaded the pictures the window will automatically close and insert the uploaded photo's in the vBulletin editor. See pictures below. is a free image hosting platform, 100% dedicated to forum owners and owned by Duckways.

What it looks like:

About Duckways
We're a company with a team of developers who have been working a lot on a vBulletin 4 system for two of our customers. The largest one with over 200,000 users and 4 million posts.
This one migrated to vBulletin 5 recently and we've faced quite some issues in vBulletin 5 which we'll fix by writing custom modifications. Some of those, which are worth sharing, will be added here on If you're missing a feature or add-on, please feel free to contact us.

How to install:

- Download the zip file below
- Import it into your vBulletin 5 installation

Version history
  • 1.0.0 - Initial release

tuoitreit.vn_product_duckwayspicr.xml - Fshare

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