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+ IP khá sạch :D tiếc là chỉ có 12 server :hai:
Site : VPN Direct | Encrypt Connection & Unblock Websites | Home
Limited offer: Get your free membership on VPNDirect, the fastest and most reliable VPN service on the market.
VPNDirect is a rapidly growing, smart, powerful and highly efficient Virtual Private Network service and we would like you to become one of our valuable members.
For a limited time only we are offering a FREE 30 day membership to VPNDirect as a welcome gift to those who sign up. Join now and you can enjoy all the privileges whilst saving $9.99 (US) on the price of monthly premium membership.
How to claim your 30 days FREE membership:
step 1. Click here to register VPNDirect VPN Direct | Encrypt Connection & Unblock Websites
step 2. The VPNDirect software will be automatically downloaded to your computer
step 3. Install the VPNDirect software
step 4. Login via the 'Connection Status' tab
Make sure you don't miss the chance to sign up and claim your 30 Days membership for absolutely FREE.
Remember, the number of accounts on offer is highly limited so if you want your free ticket you'll have to act fast!
VPNDirect is an internet service that lets you hide your real IP address and browsing history as well as encrypting all incoming and outgoing traffic to ensure that you remain as anonymous as you like on the net. You can virtually reside across three of the world's major continents and gain access to a vast range of content that may be blocked in your region.
At VPN Direct we do not store any of our user's traffic logs thus allowing you to regain your anonymity online and browse the internet without exposing personal details or spreading your digital fingerprint.
If you have any queries regarding VPNDirect please see our tutorial or feel free to contact us for more information.
VPNDirect Team
VPN Direct | Encrypt Connection & Unblock Websites | Home

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