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ibProArcade Newest Game Thread

This mod makes a new thread when you install a .tar game..
It only works when installing one game at a time..

Demo: www.next-level-arcade.com

Step #1
Upload the admincp/arcade.php and over write the old file..
or you can just add this to your admincp/arcade.php file...

Look at line 3028 for:
$DB->query("INSERT INTO ibf_games_list (" .$db_string['FIELD_NAMES']. ") VALUES (". $db_string['FIELD_VALUES'] .")");
Put this right below it:
         $DB->query("SELECT * FROM ibf_games_list ORDER BY added DESC");
                $gamea = $DB->fetch_row();
                $add['date'] = vbdate($vbulletin->options['dateformat'],$gamea['added']);

     	 $vbversion = substr($vboptions[templateversion],0,3);
  		if (($vbversion != "3.0") && ($NATIVEMODE==0))
  			($hook = vBulletinHook::fetch_hook('ibproarcade_game_added')) ? eval($hook) : false;

Step ##2
Upload the includes/xml/hooks_ibproarcade.xml file and over write the old file..

or find:
and put this below it:

Step ###3
Import the product-newestgamethread.xml file..

Step #####4
Go into your admincp >> vBulletin Options: IBPro Arcade Thread on newest game

Add: Under which exisiting Username will post the New Thread.

Add: The User ID who makes the Highscore Thread.

Show the thread starters signature. Yes/No

Add: In which Forum will create a new Thread.

Enter the id of the post icon. 0 to show no icon.

Reply Allowed ? (open/close Thread) Yes/No..

Click (Save)..

Step ######5

Now go install a game to see the Thread..

Enjoy !! :D
Download tuoitreit.vn_ibproarcade newest game thread.zip (50.65 KB)

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