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How to Use Video Ads to Promote Your Businesses on Facebook


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Since the advent of the internet, the competition for the same audience base in generating leads, driving sales and increasing customer attention has escalated. Digital businesses can no longer rely on word of mouth and other organic traffic to meet their sales objectives. Thus, the need for advertisement.
While content marketing exists in various forms, video advertising has proven to be the new goldmine for businesses such as game production, branding, software and mobile application development and the e-commerce industry.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Not surprisingly, Facebook is taking the leading role when it comes to video advertising. With its more than 1 billion active users, Facebook has become the go-to hub for video marketing.
If you are among the 1 billion active users of Facebook, then you must have experienced the impact of video content on your news feed. Hence, the need to leverage the rend to improve your sales and optimize your profit through Facebook video ads as an essential business marketing tool.
Recent studies show that 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, while Google affirms that 6 out of 10 people prefer watching online videos to television.


Image from Think with Google
Seemingly, this makes learning how to use Facebook video advertisement to promote your business very essential.
Without further ado, we'll be taking you through a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use video ads to promote your business on Facebook.
Step by Step Guide to Using Video Advertisement to Promote Business on Facebook
We understand that most business owners find it challenging to master Facebook video ads effectively. Consequently, we have provided you with the steps to follow to improve your Facebook video ads strategies:
Recognize Video Advertising
Until you understand the numerous benefits that video advertising offers, you might be reluctant to leveraging it for your business. Presently, there's an increasing need for video content. In contrast to text-based advertising, video content has a higher propensity of being watched than text-based content.
According to much research, 80% of digital marketers affirm that video has directly increased their sales through lead generation, increased traffic and improved brand awareness.

What makes Facebook video ads more effective is that you can integrate it with multiple advertising platforms such as SocialPeta to boost the return on investment.


For instance, the platform offers you several benefits such as application intelligence, e-commerce analysis, full-scale competitor monitoring, ad creatives and intelligence, amongst others. Not making use of video advertising in today's market is synonymous to leaving a massive amount of money on the table.
Utilize Video Ads
How do I do this? That's probably the question that comes to your mind immediately you saw this. The fact is, once you are clear on what you want, then utilization would be a walk in the park.
To make things easier, Facebook allows their initial stage to center on what your marketing objectives are. This is done in a bid to making your experience as specific and converting as possible, and it is categorized into three categories which are; awareness, consideration and conversion.
Awareness: This means you want your potential audience to develop an interest in your product or content.
Consideration: Make your audience to develop an unquenchable thirst thereby for your product thus leading to searching for more details about your business
Conversion: Get the audience to buy your product or service.
Choosing any of these three has to be based on who your target audiences are and your ad's objectives. Furthermore, you need to dig out every piece of information that could help you in this regard, be it you want to do it yourself or request the service of a professional.
You might want to consider watching videos and leveraging relevant ad creative platforms such as SocialPeta and LandingSpy to gain an advantage on your competitors' ads strategies. On these platforms you can also find the landing page for some ads.


Optimize Video Strategy
Getting the desired result from Facebook video advertising goes beyond knowing the intricacies of advertisement. You need to have a comprehensive knowledge of various strategies to enhance lead generation, improve brand awareness, analyze keywords and spy your competitors. While you can follow the hard path of learning it on your own, a route which is not only time consuming, but also tedious, you can leverage platforms like SocialPeta to optimize your Facebook video marketing strategy.

To optimize video strategy means, you need to have a good grasp of whatever tools you are using to drive traffic to your website.
Consequently, several factors must be considered when using video ads. Those that have proven to generate the desired result include:
1. Use Videos that require little or no sound
This might sound a little bit odd, but it works perfectly. Where and when people watch your ads is a critical factor that determines the effectiveness of your ads. Most users tend to surf the internet when they are less busy, while in public places and when they want to kill time on the commute.
Videos which tends to drive home its points through sound in these scenarios might not catch the attention of most people; thus, the need to make use of videos that requires little or no sound.
2. Make maximum use of your Cost Per Impression (CPM)
CPM bidding enables your videos to be on autoplay, which is good for your business. Most users are fond of multi-tasking and getting them to press the play button each time they do other things could be too tiring.
3. Cut to the Chase
Yeah, this is one of the common mistakes most business owners make. You need to realize the fact that "time is money". Therefore, you should try as quickly as possible to get down to what you have to offer your target audience so that you won't be wasting your time and theirs unnecessarily.
These and many more are what you need to put into consideration when it comes to optimizing your video strategy on Facebook.
Final Thoughts
The importance of Facebook video ads can never be overemphasized. However, knowing how to promote your business with Facebook ads will not instantly guarantee the desired result without utilizing the necessary tools and implementing proven strategies.
Remember, you are not the online e-commerce business owners, software manufacturer, game developer or branding company making use of Facebook video ads. The good news is that you can always gain creative ads insight and competitive advantage with SocialPeta.

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