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How to convert bbcode hide hack from [Aayush] Hide Hack v1 to Editor & BB Code Manager


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Today tuoitreit.vn will teach you how to How to convert bbcode hide hack from [Aayush] Hide Hack v1 to Editor & BB Code Manager on Xenforo 2.x

It means replace


To convert bbcode hide hack, please see the below

Go to phpadmin and into SQL and run this command

UPDATE xf_post SET message = replace(message,"[HIDE-","[HIDE");
UPDATE xf_post SET message = replace(message,"[HIDE-REPLY-THANKS","[HIDEREPLYTHANKS");
UPDATE xf_post SET message = replace(message,"[HIDE-REPLY","[HIDEREPLY");
UPDATE xf_post SET message = replace(message,"[HIDE-THANKS","[/HIDETHANKS");
UPDATE xf_post SET message = replace(message,"[HIDE-POSTS","[/HIDEPOSTS");
UPDATE xf_post SET message = replace(message,"[/HIDE-","[/HIDE");
UPDATE xf_post SET message = replace(message,"[/HIDE-REPLY-THANKS","[/HIDEREPLYTHANKS");
UPDATE xf_post SET message = replace(message,"[/HIDE-REPLY","[/HIDEREPLY");
UPDATE xf_post SET message = replace(message,"[/HIDE-THANKS","[/HIDETHANKS");
UPDATE xf_post SET message = replace(message,"[/HIDE-POSTS","[/HIDEPOST");
UPDATE xf_post SET message = replace(message,"[hide-","[hide");
UPDATE xf_post SET message = replace(message,"[hide-reply-thanks","[hidereplythanks");
UPDATE xf_post SET message = replace(message,"[hide-reply","[hidereply");
UPDATE xf_post SET message = replace(message,"[hide-thanks","[/hidethanks");
UPDATE xf_post SET message = replace(message,"[hide-posts","[/hideposts");
UPDATE xf_post SET message = replace(message,"[/hide-","[/hide");
UPDATE xf_post SET message = replace(message,"[/hide-reply-thanks","[/hidereplythanks");
UPDATE xf_post SET message = replace(message,"[/hide-reply","[/hidereply");
UPDATE xf_post SET message = replace(message,"[/hide-thanks","[/hidethanks");
UPDATE xf_post SET message = replace(message,"[/hide-posts","[/hideposts");

This tutorial from tuoitreit.vn
Good luck for you!
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