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Download Document Computer, Internet and Network Systems Security


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This manual is an effort to assist law enforcement agencies and other
computer crime investigators by providing a resource guide compiled
from the vast pool of information on the Internet. This manual is not
intended to replace any formal training or education. This manual should
be used as a supplemental guide to reference too. It was not my
intention to compile this manual to provide a specific solution for
investigators. This was intended to provide a general overview, which
would assist in helping to developing a solution. This solution does not
have to be hardware or software based. Today policy-based protection
can also be incorporated into hardware and software systems.
I would like to thank all the authors, and organizations that have provided
me with materials to compile this manual. Some of the material
contained in this manual were a part of a larger document. It is strongly
recommended that if anyone has an interest in learning more about a
particular topic to find these documents on the Internet and read them.
who played an active role in the modeling of this manual.
Finally, please respect the copyrights of the original authors and
organizations and give them credit for their work.

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