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I searched for Template Modifications to display the PostId (post count) number in the node control of postbit legacy, but could not find one here for 4.x series of vb.

So, I wanted to do it on my own in a Trial & Error basis,
finally succeeded, hence want to share it.
I am not a programmer, just an experienced mods and template modification user of VB4.

This will be useful for end users to refer a particular post with
[noparse][post]postid[/post][/noparse] bbcode.

Go to Admincp -> Style Manager -> Edidt Templates (of required style) -> postbit templates -> postbit legacy
<span class="nodecontrols">
				<vb:if condition="$post['postid'] AND $post['threadid'] AND !$show['moderated']">
Add after that:

Post ID# {vb:raw post.postid}
use Save and reload button

Go to post and refresh the page and look at the top right corner of every post
you could find the post count number before the post number of that thread.

If you could find, just save and close the template edit.
If anything went wrong, just go back to template edit tab and remove
Post ID# {vb:raw post.postid}
which is newly added in the template.

Screen Shot:


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