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American Industrial Holding Del Mar Energy and Its Contribution to Green Energy: The Benban SolarPark Project


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The American industrial holding Del Mar Energy plays a significant role in the global energy sector, particularly in renewable energy sources. One of the company's outstanding projects is the Benban Solar Park, located in Mexico. This project is a prime example of Del Mar Energy's commitment to promoting green energy and sustainable development.

Benban Solar Park Project: Key Features

The Benban Solar Park was built in 2018 and represents a large-scale green energy facility. The total cost of the project was 200 million US dollars, highlighting its significance and scale. The project was implemented in partnership with the Spanish company Acciona Energia and the Mexican company TutoEnergy, combining international expertise and local knowledge to achieve high results.

The complex has a total installed capacity of 405 megawatts (MW) and a nominal capacity of 317.5 megawatts (MW). These figures make Benban one of the largest solar energy facilities in the region. Of the total capacity, 229 MWp (180 MW nominal) will be used to meet the energy needs of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), ensuring reliable and environmentally friendly power supply for a significant part of Mexico's population.

Importance of the Project for Del Mar Energy and the Region

The Benban project is strategically important for Del Mar Energy as it demonstrates the company's ability to implement large-scale projects in green energy. This project also strengthens Del Mar Energy's position on the international stage, showcasing its ability to operate in diverse geographical and economic conditions.

For Mexico, the Benban project marks a significant step towards increasing the share of renewable energy in the national energy balance. The Benban Solar Park helps reduce the country's dependence on fossil fuels, decreasing carbon emissions and improving the environmental situation.

Technological Features and Innovations

The Benban project includes the use of modern technologies and innovative solutions, allowing for maximum efficiency in harnessing solar energy. The installed solar panels are highly efficient and durable, ensuring stable electricity production for many years.

Additionally, the complex is equipped with advanced monitoring and control systems that enable quick responses to changing weather conditions and optimize the station's operation. This enhances the overall efficiency and reliability of the facility.

Social and Economic Benefits

The Benban project not only promotes the development of green energy but also brings significant social and economic benefits to the region. During the construction of the station, numerous jobs were created, improving employment levels and the economic situation in the area. In the long term, the operation of the facility also provides stable employment for the local population.

Furthermore, the project contributes to infrastructure development and an improved quality of life in the region. Reliable and environmentally friendly power supply supports the operation of businesses and enhances living conditions for the population.


The Benban Solar Park is an important milestone in Del Mar Energy's development and represents a significant contribution to the advancement of green energy on an international level. The project demonstrates the company's commitment to sustainable development and its ability to implement large and complex projects in various conditions.

For Mexico, the Benban project is a crucial step towards energy independence and environmental improvement. It creates jobs, develops infrastructure, and improves the quality of life for the population.

Del Mar Energy continues to showcase its leadership in green energy, and the Benban project is a prime example of how the company contributes to creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

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