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Yilmaz - Plus Number of Fake Active Members vB5

Yilmaz - Plus Number of Fake Active Members vB5 1.0.0

No permission to download
vB Version: 5.6.4


Add fake Number of Active Members and Change the view of the forum statistics module

Module css quoted from mr noypiscripter

Demo vb5.ozbeceriksizler.co/index.php
How to install:
Upload the content of "Yilmaz - Plus Number of Fake Active Members vB5" to your root.
that's all it.
If you installed this mod and/or you want get support, please "Mark as Installed".

How to uninstall:
1. Remove the package "yilmazfakeactivemembers" that located in /core/packages/
2. Go to "Manage Products" in the admincp and delete the product named "[BYilmaz - Plus Number of Fake Active Members vB5[/B]"

Please Mark as Installed if you use this. :)
[B"]Donations always appreciated[/B].

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