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Water Cooler Chat into vBulletin (all versions) 5.5.5

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My Forum has been around since 2007 with many in-house pieces of php codes and modifications running smoothly on vBulletin 3.8.x. A recent upgrade of php from my hosting has forced me to upgrade the software and I have moved from vBulletin 3.8.x to vBulletin 5.7.2. However, my forum missed the old "MGC Chatbox Evo" and I could not find a replacement here at vb.org for vBulletin 5.x.x.

I looked around the php/javascript communities and stumbled upon the Water Cooler Chat, which I could easily integrate into my Forum. Since many vBulletin forums have a similar chatbox/shoutbox problem and are looking for a functioning chatbox/shoutbox, I decided to share this integration of "Water Cooler Chat" to vBulletin, with vBulletin community.

I have not done code development for nearly 18 years and do not plan to do some (this means, do not request some additions or code development to the provided archive files).

WaterCooler chat is a simple flat file db chat system, which was developped by João Ferreira, and which lets you embed a chat container wherever you like into your forum or website. The original archive files are available

The adjusted files for integration into vBulletin files are given below in the attachment.

  • Does not require MySQL Database / Javascript Frameworks
  • Multi Topic rooms
  • Private / Read-Only Rooms
  • Multi user
  • Password protected profiles
  • Smilies/BBcode
  • Open chat interface
  • Easy to customize themes (100% Html/Css)
  • Private messages
  • Moderator tools
  • Independent display and store buffers
  • Invite link
  • Start chat with previous conversations listed
  • Anti-Spam feature
  • Account Recovery via E-mail
  • Generate image thumbnails for faster loading
  • Attachment uploads
  • Smart archive system
  • Shared Chat Across the websites hosted on the same server
  • Private Conversation Rooms

  • PHP >= 5.3.0
  • Ability to change permissions if necessary
  • PHP GD library (for generating image thumbnails)

See README and README for vBulletin Integration files in the archive package.
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