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vB5 Invite-only 1.0.0

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vB5 Invite-Only

What this addon do

With vB 5.6.1 every permitted user could generate an invite-/ referral-link to invite others to your forum. In vB 5.6.2 will come a new function to abort a registration with a message to the registering user. So this mod will abort the registration if the user did not use a referral-link or did use a not valid referral-link.

This is a free version so there is no option to turn this off until uninstall or disable the product from/ in your forum.

  • As long as this addon is installed and active nobody without a valid referral-link could register!
  • A referral-code could be used multiple times until it will expires! There is no option to turn this off in this plugin!
  • A user could invite as much users he wants. There is no option to stop a user to send valid referral-links to others!

How to install

Just upload the unzipped folder into core/packages/ ... (core/packages/delinviteonlyfree)
The addon will install automatically and is active immediately!

How to uninstall

You could stop the plugin by disable the plugin in your admincp -> products and hooks -> product-manager -> dropdown right.

To fully uninstall the plugin, delete the folder delinviteonlyfree from core/packages/ and go to admincp-> products and hooks -> product-manager -> dropdown right -> uninstall

Version history
  • 1.0.0 - Initial release

With vB 5.6.1 the registration will stop with an api-error and no information to the registering user. After upgrading to vB 5.6.2 the user will see either a message of a missing referral-code or a wrong referral code if there is no or no valid referral-code in the registration-link.

Do not install on any vB Version below 5.6.1!!!
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