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Forum Leaders Module for vBa CMPS 1.11b

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Forums Leader Module for vBa CMPS

The purpose of this module is to provide users of vBa with the means to contact a given forum's support folk from the "splash page" of a forum. This module could, of course, be used on any vBa page, but the aforementioned description was the thought I had in mind when writing it. The idea being that there isn't a need to figure out who to contact if you need help or want to communicate with someone regarding the forum itself - the module gives you "quick access" to contact them. Furthermore, I designed it to be placed on either the right or left column of a vBa page; these columns are usually narrower than the middle column, and that is the reason that I intentionally omitted some of the content that is shown on the vB "Forum Leaders" page, such as the user's location.

Tested on 4.1.3 only. It should work on other vB4 versions, but I make no guarantees. I will try to offer some support for those versions if necessary; also no guarantees.


Initially the suggestion came from Pikeman on the vBa forums (more). I was searching for a relatively easy example to write a vBa module from scratch for the purpose of practice only and this was a good candidate. After thinking about its purpose however, I liked the idea of having a readily-available means of contacting "those in charge" right on the splash page, so I decided to keep it for our forum.

What does this modification do?

This module replicates the information presented via selecting the "Forum Leaders" menu option from the "Quick Links" navtab menu in vB. However due to size limitations, only pertinent contact information is shown:

  • Avatar
  • Username
  • Online status
  • PM and Email icons (as appropriate)


(I currently have it set to appear in the left column)
Russian Cars Forum


  • Import forumleaders_v1.1b.xml into vBa CMPS
    vBa CMPS -> Download / Upload Module -> Upload Module​
  • Add Module to vBa page
    vBa CMPS -> Edit Pages​

Please click Mark as INSTALLED in order to receive whatever support I have time to offer. All donations are greatly appreciated.

v1.1b, released 27 Jun 2011
- Username formatting request completed

v1.1, released 22 Jun 2011
- Minor HTML corrections

v1.0, released 21 Jun 2011
- Initial release


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