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Top 5 WunderTrading Bots for Set-and-Forget Profits


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The WunderTrading platform has an impressive product lineup with multiple industry-leading products capable of elevating your investment game to the next level. If you are interested in building a powerful automated trading system with advanced robots, take a closer look at the variety of instruments offered by this vendor.

Many experienced retail traders were able to create profitable bots with the WunderTrading platform. Some cannot imagine how they would work without these powerful automated crypto trading bots that can generate returns passively without any active supervision.

Let’s talk about the top 5 set-and-forget bots to use at the WunderTrading platform.

DCA bots for asset acquisition​

The Distributed Cost Average approach is one of the most effective ways of buying assets to add to your portfolio. It is a system dictating that one must split a single bulk purchase into multiple market orders to reduce the average price of assets in the portfolio and sell them for bigger profits. DCA bots are used by many Bitcoin enthusiasts who want to amass a large amount of coins for long-term holding.

Many experts believe that using a distributed cost average is a good idea for beginners, but many experienced veterans prefer running it to slowly increase the amount of assets under management while engaging in other forms of trading.

Here are some benefits of a DCA bot:

  • You don’t have to supervise it. The bot works autonomously and makes acquisitions systematically following a set of instructions written by its user.
  • DCA bots work for all assets. You don’t have to choose target assets although tokens that have a strong potential for appreciation should be prioritized.
  • Positions are liquidating at once. Unlike many other systems that have target profitability goals, DCA bots will liquidate holdings in a single sell order to update equity values immediately.

Grid bots for passive income​

The idea of using DCA to enhance other automated trading systems has been around since the early 1980s. Today, many automation vendors offer grid systems which are partially based on concepts derived from the distributed cost average approach. Among usable 2024 crypto strategies, this one is certainly among the most promising.

Grid bots from WunderTrading can be adjusted to account for personal preferences and risk style requirements of a user. These robots can be deployed for different assets and will work well in most situations if you are interested in creating a reliable source of passive income.

Here are advantages of grid bots:

  • It is a set-and-forget system. You can set it up once and allow it to run indefinitely. By setting strategic stop loss and taking profit orders, you will avoid undesired losses and set reasonable profitability goals.
  • Grid bots are easy to use. You don’t need to learn coding or have any technical expertise to create and launch these bots.
  • The system is very flexible. Adjusting various parameters and using different risk management techniques help you create a grid system that works within any portfolio.

Copy trading bots for newcomers​

Social trading has been only gaining in popularity since the rise of web 2.0 in the early 2000s. Many brokerage service providers started offering various forms of trust management to their clients and providing social environments where retail traders could talk with trusted managers. The contemporary copy trading scene is quite different with only a handful of platforms offering meaningful communication between traders and managers.

WunderTrading has a very straightforward marketplace where you can “shop” for successful investors to copy by selecting them from a massive pool of carefully selected applicants. Some of them take a small fee for allowing others to follow their market operations and copy them. Some do it for free.

Here are some advantages that you will benefit when using WunderTrading’s marketplace:

  • The diversity is refreshing. You will be able to choose from hundreds of trusted managers working on dozens of centralized crypto exchanges.
  • Choose the right risk style. By assessing the trading history of each manager, you will be able to find someone with a risk style similar to yours.
  • Prices are reasonable. Many traders take a flat fee. Some cost just a couple of dollars per month allowing you to stay under the budget.

AI-assisted statistical arbitrage​

One of the best WunderTrading bots is also its latest. Expert artificial intelligence systems are a novel concept to many retail traders. Even tech enthusiasts do not fully understand the implications of using AI for various purposes let alone trading. However, talented developers do not sit motionless while a new technology is being advanced to a new level.

WunderTrading offers its clients an opportunity to use advanced crypto bots powered by AI. These automated trading systems manage larger portfolios and make adjustments to the composition of assets in real time.

Some benefits to using AI-powered automated trading:

  • Machine learning algorithms use huge amounts of data. The new AI system has an immense volume of information to analyze (historical market data, statistics, market events, etc.).
  • AI-assisted statistical arbitrage is a safe strategy. The system is inherently defensive and focuses on optimizing a portfolio instead of chasing huge profits.
  • The product is easy to use. You don’t have to spend hours trying to finely tune your statistical arbitrage bots. It is a plug-and-play solution for your portfolio.

Signal bots from WunderTrading​

You can run a bot that will be triggered by a specific trading signal that can be procured from a variety of sources. Retail traders can activate their bots manually by using advice from trusted experts, social media influencers (not recommended), and experienced friends. Automated trading systems can receive alerts directly from specialized platforms like TradingView or signal providers.

Note that WunderTrading is not responsible for any losses suffered as a result of following any financial advice or using trading signals from third-party platforms. Remember that you must pick your sources carefully and focus on minimizing potential losses.

Here are some advantages of using signal bots:

  • You do not need any trading experience. Simply use purchased trading signals from trusted suppliers or deploy a good strategy on TradingView and use it for alerts.
  • Signal bots are easy to use. If you do not want to tinker with bot settings, use default parameters (you have to set delayed orders manually) and simply launch the bot as is.
The performance can be very good depending on the quality of trading signals. The bots execute the algorithm perfectly. You only need to find a trustworthy supplier of signals

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