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The new and improved QuantumBuilder will make your payload look like any file format (.png, .mp4, .doc, ...),
just like our other project, but you will be also able to send the plain .url without using .Zips and even attach it to Gmail with no Chrome warnings.
Also any file can now be used as an icon. This exploit will allow you to send shortcuts over email without actually attaching any file.

- Spoof ANY extension
- 300+ different icons available (Microsoft Office ones included)
- UAC Bypass (VIP license and above only)
- Implementation of the dogwalk n-day exploit, more info below (Private license only)
- Bypass Windows Smartscreen, EV certs are a thing of the past
- Decoy (upon opening your .lnk a file of your choosing will be displayed on your victim's pc)
- Multiple payloads per .lnk file. Even if one gets detected the rest will still run
- Supported payload formats: .exe/.js/.vbs/.bat/.ps1/.msi
- Dll payloads (VIP license and above only)
- 100% FUD, even if you spread your stub. Every build is unique
- Choose the .lnk file size (VIP license and above only)
- Execute your exes with admin privileges by prompting UAC with a Microsoft signed binary (powershell.exe)
- Run your payload at startup, with a delay or when the victim's computer is idle
- Hide your payloads after executing them
- Melt .lnk after execution
- WD exclusion wrapper (VIP license and above only)
- Choose where your payload is dropped on your victim's computer
- Compress your shortcut in a .iso/.img/.cab



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