How to install windows for very easy latest


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Today, will teach you how to install your windows from VPS at with your custom iso
Are you ready?
Please go to Log In -
Do as i do and paste link setup windows ultimate into remote url and upload
I will share link in my comment
Let's do it!
Go to Deploy to order your vps

My file iso:
Windows 7 Ultimate OneDrive

Windows 8 Enterprise!106&authkey=ABQyUkN0a2O9bc4

Windows 10 Enterprise!106&authkey=AAllZmdYCpnfAX0

Windows 2008!106&authkey=AI5G57ALGA0xiwg

Windows 2012!106&authkey=ABYQK1n-Qf8t2u0

Good luck for you!

Please see video below

Good luck for you

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