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[01] Restrict Browsing For Unverified Email Users

[01] Restrict Browsing For Unverified Email Users 1.0.1

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Admin submitted a new resource:

[01] Restrict Browsing For Unverified Email Users - This addon will gives you the ability to restrict browsing for unverified email users.

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Restrict Community Browsing for users with unverified email addresses or those who have not yet confirmed their email.

No extra setting is required.

- Can View Own Profile.
- Can Update his Email.
- Can Access The Account details page.
- Can Access The Password and security page.
- Can Access The Privacy...

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Admin updated [01] Restrict Browsing For Unverified Email Users with a new update entry:

Added Phrases

Added Phrases to Customize the text with your own.
  • Phrase title="01_RB_icon" Contains the icon - <i class="fas fa-envelope"></i>
  • Phrase title="01_RB_Confirm_your_email" Contains the title text - CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL
  • Phrase title="01_RB_Account_confirmation_is_required" Contains the text - Account confirmation is required.
  • Phrase title="01_RB_Change_email" Contains the text - If the email provided is incorrect, it can be updated.
  • Phrase...

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